Writing in style: Midori Traveler’s Notebook

We get a lot of people from PR companies telling us we should write about some product because ‘it is really cool’. Mostly, that is a false promise, but not this time. We fell in love with these notebooks by Japan based Midori.

Traveler’s notebook has a leather cover which the more you use, the better quality it becomes, and its simplicity makes it easy to use.

Each leather cover is made by hand in Chiang Mai, northern city of Thailand. It appeals its own raison d’être by the simplicity; roughly cut leather and a rubber band with the clasp made of tin.

The inside notebook is made in Japan carefully and has Midori’s original paper made to pursue the highest comfortability to write.

You could accessorize your notebook with all kinds of beautyfull add ons like their pens, pencils and refills.

We will definitely try to get these for our soon to open online store.

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