Share & Win: Beautiful Watering System Called Waterworks

No Christmas present yet? No worries, we got your back. Take a look at this beautiful Dutch design watering system for plants, called Waterworks.

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What’s Waterworks all about?

With Christmas on our doorstep, finding a nice and original gift for your loved ones is always tough. No worries, we are about to help out! Check out this innovative watering system for plants, that’s not only saving you time and keeping your precious plants alive, it also looks the part, thanks to the clean, Dutch design by studio House of Thol.

Win watering system for plants Waterworks

WATERWORKS is a hydration system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy. A set consists of a partly glazed terra-cotta cone and a glass bulb with cork stopper. Because of the porous nature of the terra-cotta, water will slowly seep through the walls of the cone into the soil.


For plants that need less water, a larger part of the cone is glazed, decreasing the porous surface of the terra-cotta and slowing down the water-flow.


Please Note: A basic set comes with one cone. Typically this is a ‘medium’ glazed cone, if you would like to receive a different cone please make sure to select the correct option.

Check out this video where you can see how the glass bulbs are being made.

How does it work?

Step-by-step manual:

1. Fill the top hole of the reservoir with the cork.
Make sure the hole is shut air-tight by trying to blow into the neck of the reservoir. No air should be able to escape. > This is extremely important as the working of the system depends on a vacuum in the reservoir. If there’s no vacuum, gravity will have it’s way and water will spill out the top of the terra-cotta cone.

2. Place the terra-cotta cone into the soil close to the roots of the plants.
Be careful not to harm the root-system.

3. Fill the glass reservoir through its neck under the tab and place it with it’s neck in the top of the terra-cotta cone.
A little water will spill in this process, but that’s usually no problem.

Win watering system for plants Waterwork manual

If the reservoir has been closed air-tight, there will be a vacuum in the top of the glass bulb and the water will very slowly seep through the walls of the terra-cotta into the soil.

Love this beautyful piece of (water)work just as much as we do? Here is where you buy it directly!

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