Update: Win signed book artist David Schnell

We like to share the winner of the signed David Schnell book with you. It is Anna from the US. She did send us this lovely picture by twitter saying:

Thanks @dyrmdaily for my free copy of the signed version of David Schnell’s book “Stunde”! Love your blog.

Original article:
For centuries, artists have sought to create the suggestion of movement in their paintings. The vertiginous combinations of natural and artificial elements used by German artist David Schnell (b. Bergisch Gladbach, 1971) produce the desired illusion of both speed and depth.

Most of Schnell’s paintings feature an extremely central vanishing point and a complete absence of narrative element or event.

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Schnell’s work is based on the artist’s own memories. He loves to wander around areas once dominated by nature but now under human control – places deliberately planned and laid out by man, like the grounds of stately mansions, or industrial areas where new recreational or play areas are being created.

Since his work draws directly on his memories of such places, without reference to photographs or other records, elements taken from nature and from civilisation mingle freely on his canvases. His use of colour is so extreme and intense that the worlds he creates often resemble the virtual reality of computer games or science fiction films.

Trained at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Schnell belongs to the same generation of successful painters as Matthias Weischer. Often called the Neue Leipziger Schule, this group of artists is well-known for its mastery both of the craft aspects of painting and of a range of graphic techniques. This summer, the GEM, The Hague, Holland, is mounting a major solo exhibition in honour of this highly talented artist.

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