Win Buckle Up key holder by Thabto

This week another great ‘here you go, it is all free’ on DYRM Daily. Are, or do you know that person who keeps losing his keys? If so: PAY ATTENTION! Because we give away 3 of the best key holder gadgets around: Buckle Up…

These wall mounted key holders are produced from discontinued and reconditioned car seat belt buckles. Destined for landfill, these highly engineered safety components are rescued and transformed into an innovative solution to misplacing ones keys.

Simply plug the key fob on your keys into the buckle to clip into place, and press the buckle’s button to release. Over time, plugging in your keys becomes as much of a habit as putting on your seatbelt.

Win Buckle Up key holder
Yep, we will give away 3 of these great gadgets. What you will have to do for it? Simply send us a picture of something that inspired you today. It can be anything, the quality is not important. You can e-mail this to or Tweet it to @DYRMDaily. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

What: Buckle Up key holder
Price: $28/€23
Shop: online @ Thabto

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