Raul Lemesoff’s Weapon Of Mass Instruction

Raul Lemesoff spreads knowledge in Buenos Aires from his custom-built ‘tank’.

Yes, you did read the title right and yes, that is a tank. Well, sort of. But instead of spreading violence, this specific vehicle is spreading knowledge. The”Weapon of Mass Instruction” was created by artist Raul Lemesof, who uses  it to drive through Argentina, handing out books.


Lemesof started this project for World Book Day and was backed by soda company 7UP, so it was no trouble to finish his work. The Argentine artist bought a 1979 Ford Falcon from the army and converted the car into this genius piece of work. The turret is fully functional, and thanks to the car’s enhanced frame, it can fit about 900 books in- and outside the vehicle. Nowadays, Lemesoff cruises around urban areas and rural communities in Argentina to fulfill his quest.


To battle ignorance and to spread knowledge, Lemesoff hands out books every day to every person who wants one. People can also take books from the compartments. His driving library contains a large collection of books, varying from poetry to novels and biographies. The only demand he has, is that the receiver of the book promises to read it.


Want to know more? Visit Lemesoff’s website.

Photos by Raul Lemesoff