War veterans in real life

War veterans: the people behind the uniforms

A very powerful and intriguing series of photos which lets you discover the people behind war veterans, shot by Devin Mitchell.

Of course we would like to see the world in peace and the subject of war, soldiers and arms is a very delicate and subjective one.  But what mostly is left untold by both the pro and con parties is that when we are talking about the soldiers, or war veterans, is that they are real men and women. Humans, like you and me. Mostly trying hard to make a living. And that’s why the Veteran Art Project by Devin Mitchell is so striking. It shows you the real human beings behind the uniforms. The sons, moms, husbands and wifes.

Veterans in real life Veterans-real-life-doyoureadme10 Veterans-real-life-doyoureadme11 Veterans-real-life-doyoureadme9 Veterans in real life Veterans-real-life-doyoureadme8 Veterans in real life Veterans-real-life-doyoureadme6 Veterans-real-life-doyoureadmeVeterans-real-life-doyoureadme5 Veterans-real-life-doyoureadme4 Veterans in real life

If you want to see more pictures, take a look at Mitchell’s Instagram.