Vintage technologies from the 80-90ties analysed by todays kids

This next video is sad and funny at the same time. The recipe: take a bunch of kids and give them revolutionary technology from the 80ties and 90ties. The result: that we make the conclusion that a lot happened since then…

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A lot of people value the past, because it might remind you of good ol’ times, or because you feel safe when redrawn into that safe haven, the period of time in your life you already know, instead of the unsure future.

Taken that in mind, this next clip is on the one hand a great trip down memory lane, warm and furry, but also very cold, cause so many great things died a lonely, forgotten death. So we say: in memory of great technology, R.I.P.

And now we have addressed that, let’s laugh!

(via: @LauraKasteleijn)