The Unique And Detailed Artwork Of Andreas Preis

The Berlin based artist Andreas Preis creates dynamic and unique illustrations using a method called crosshatching.


Crosshatching is an illustration process which uses parallel lines to create depth, shadows and movement in the artwork with beautiful results.

Andreas Preis developed his specific style just after he finished art school:

‘It wasn’t until the end of my studies that I decided to concentrate on illustration. So I just started to make portraits of friends, drawings of animals, working with acrylics, aerosols etc. I’ve always liked to use crosshatching in my drawings, and after a while I started to exaggerate a bit.’

Preis’ illustrations look very detailed, and take a tremendous amount of time and effort, as he creates them all by hand. The hatchings don’t consist of patterns made by a computer: they’re real drawings for every single artwork. ‘I use fineliners, markers, acrylics, aerosols etc.,’ the artist explains. ‘I don’t use a specific brand, just whatever works at that moment.’


The images Preis’ creates do resemble tattoo-art quite a bit, which is why he often gets asked to design tattoos for people. Unfortunately, he doesn’t design custom-made tattoos, since he feels like they’re one of the most difficult and time-consuming things to do. Preis: ‘People are usually very nitpicky (understandably) about tattoos, so those jobs take a lot longer than you would think. I would also have to work with a tattoo-artist which would be even more time-consuming.’ If you really want a tattoo of one of his designs, however, you are welcome to use one. Don’t forget to send him a photo of it though!


If a tattoo is a little too permanent for your liking, Preis’ also sells a great deal of products, ranging from sweaters to iPhone cases, featuring his artwork on his website.




Source: Andreas Preis