Talented Dutch band WOOST releases album

Although the album itself was released in may this year, we still would like to share this well kept treasure of a band. They are Dutch, 4 of them en they are called WOOST. And we think this could just be the band you were waiting for this summer.

The voice of lead singer Koen-Willem Toering is very John Mayer meets Matthew Bellamy (MUSE) meets Tom Yorke (Radiohead). The music is a great mixture of beautiful harmonies, voilent eruptions of guitars and everything in between. The new album Six Minutes South (on Morning Coffee Records) is the third since they started in 2005.

Listen and enjoy the track we think should be the next single, Six Minutes South.

WOOST – Six Minutes South
[audio:02 Six Minutes South.mp3]

(Via: ByRosa)

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