These are the stormtroopers you’re looking for, by Stéfan Le Dû.


It is commonly known that stormtroopers are awesome. That’s why Stéfan Le Dû decided that with his new camera and two stormtrooper actionfigures, he could do a little project called : Stormtrooper 365.



 Stéfan has made photo’s of his little friends for a year, publishing a new one every day.

The two troopers find themselves in funny situations while searching for the droids they’re looking for and Stéfan decided to share their adventures with us.



From this project originated some other projects as well, with as an example 52 weeks with the Fetts, starring Jango and Bobba Fett. I probably won’t have to explain, the title says it all.


Best dad in the galaxy!


Check his stormtrooper project out here , for your daily dose of stormtroopers.

Check his website for all his other projects here.


PS : here is some music to get you in the mood while you browse some stormtroopers.