Specimen Little Horn speakers

These horns turn the audio world upside down. They posses a life-like soundstage unlike anything ever heard. With the Little Horn Speakers, the soundstage gets bigger, the instruments spread apart, the stage unfolds. Chicago based Ian Schneller, builds music instruments since 1981. But his company Specimen Products is specialized in amps and speakers as well.

The come at a price of $1.850 and yes that is quite expansive, but they are completely handmade.

The Little Horns are 36” tall overall
The bell of the horn is 14” across
The base is an 8” cube and will sit nicely on a 10” deep shelf

8 ohms
90 db sensitivity
77Hz – 23kHz frequency response
Power handling: 24 watts maximum

See how the process of making these great items takes place.

And this is the beautiful end result