Snoozing away in art, made by various artists.

Have you ever been on a vacation only to end up in a boring hotel with old stinky wallpaper that’s been there for about a century? I think we all know that feeling. However if you’ve ever been to Hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, France, every hotel will feel like creativity is far to be found.

At the Au Vieux Panier, every room is decorated by a different artist for different environments, giving each room a  unique touch. Once every year the hotel invites six artists to redesign their rooms, using them as huge room-sized canvas. Now let’s give you a little tour of the house. Shall we?

One of the most prominent rooms is “The Panic Room’ made by graffiti artist Tilt. The room is cut in two, one side pure serene white, the other  a wild explosion of graffifi. The wide side represents peace and serenity, the graffity the downtown culture of the city.

Their other rooms are each in a different style, representing their artists.

The Purgatory Palace by Mass Confusion

Land of The Moon by Eugénie Bergeon

Ciel by Mourad Messoubeur

Fusion by Philippe Baudelocque

Matthias Olmeta by Matthias Olmeta

If you want to check the other rooms out from a different angle, or maybe even check in at the hotel, check them out here.