Smart Bikini Warns You Before Your Skin Turns Red

French startup Spinali Design has invented a new bikini to prevent you from getting a mayor case of sunburn. It tells you when to put some more sunscreen on and when to cool down and get out of the sun.

bikinispinali sunburn prevention

With a small, removable and waterproof UV sensor you can provide your swimwear with a smart sensor. You attach this sensor – which is named Bikini Connecté – with a clip. Little heads up: when you’re lying on your back it doesn’t work.


The sensor is connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Through the app, which you can download for your smartphone or tablet, you get a notification when to apply more sunscreen on your body. And it also tells you when you should to move into the shade. Hereby the app takes into account what type of skin you have.

bikinispinali sunburn prevention

You also can forward the alerts, to the mobile phone of a friend or a lover. So you can get someone to rub your back with sunscreen lotion. How is that for a killer feature.

But what does it cost? The swimming costumes and bikinis are made to order and start selling at 149 euros. The company has also designed a special towel. When you lie on this one, you’re also connected with a UV sensor. This one costs 99 euros.


The designer hopes she can do her bit against skin cancer. And her innovative idea could well be a lifesaver, because the most common cause of melanoma said to be prolonged exposure to UV-radiation and sunlight without proper protection.

The company says it still works with researchers on a sensor which is even better. A line of children’s wearables is also in the making and this one also gets a gps tracker.

Learn more about these wearables at the Spinali Design website.