Seduction at the Mall

I don’t usually do this, and if anyone brings it up, I’ll deny it. This past weekend, I was lured into a mall to look at art. There, I’ve said it; let the name-calling begin.

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In this mall, however, was a small exhibition that I couldn’t resist at least having a brief interlude with. As part of the Cheltenham Festival called “Science 11”, the mall that shall go nameless was exhibiting work from a group of artists driven by the desire to combine science with art. I’m a sucker for the fusing of these two subjects, so it was with great speed that I whisked beyond the Millie’s Cookies, the Clinton Cards, and the TK Maxx, and discovered science and art sculpted, conjoined and plugged in.

high thinking in low places

One piece of poetry seemed to focus acutely on the marriage of art and science. A Worcestershire artist by the name of Chris Hodson composed a simple illustration with the phrase, “A moment of intense human drama, played out with fragile technology against a backcloth of infinity.” The quote was coined after the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, and Hodson believes this sentiment sums up exactly what it is to be an artist. I found it to say a lot about our expectations of art: doing something so spectacular that it changes our lives for a brief moment in time, only to have the thing eventually wiped from memory. The bad news is, one day Picasso’s “Guernica” will be forgotten. The good news is that so will Britney Spears.

(via: Cheltenham Festival 2011)
Inspiration brought to you by David Green @ ContemporaryMonkey.