Marieke de Bra photography Tinder

Photographer Takes A Picture Of All Her Tinder Dates

Photographer Marieke de Bra (35) takes pictures with all of her dates she meets through dating-app Tinder.

Having here camera there is the only way to feel comfortable for and to enter new worlds, like the dating scene. De Bra was suffering from a broken heart. When a friend told her about Tinder, she first didn’t want anything to do with it. But after a while, she started ‘using’ it, but in a whole new way. “Without my camera I would have never started dating through Tinder.’’

Marieke de Bra

Before she goes on a date, she always tells him about her camera. “When they don’t understand why I need it, it won’t end up a date. Because when they don’t accept me the way I am, they are not the right one for me’’, she explains. Afraid of missing her ‘Prince Charming’ due to her photo-shoots? ,”No. Many men are good with why I’m doing this and aren’t afraid to join me in my project.’’


De Bra takes her pictures every time on different moments and at different places. Sometimes naked, sometimes a bit sweaty on a party and sometimes when having a beer on the roof. In the meantime she collected fourteen self-portraits. “For me, it’s very important that a photograph shows you my feelings during a date.”

Marieke de Bra

De Bra plans to stop taking photographs when she meets the right man and finds what she’s looking for. “At this time he’s not yet in sight.’’

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