What parents want their children to become

Every parent has some kind of ideal future in mind for his or her child. Whether it is to follow in their own footsteps and take over the family business or just be successful or act to the best of their abilities and have the most fun, they want the best for their offspring.

In the photo series Un jour, mon enfant tu seras, translated as One day, you will be my chid, from French photographer Malo (also known as MondayMonday), different babies show what their parents possibly would want them to become when they grow up.

From a ballet dancer (something most little girls dream of too), a butcher (including bloody apron) and a wrestler to a doctor, a variety of professions is captured by Malo.
It is funny but also touching to see what kind of expectations grownups may have for their new-borns, because probably none of them, or at least few of them, will actually become what their parents want them to be. Now these pictures are a tat stereotyped off course, but it paints the picture quite nicely.

Watch all the photos here.

Child star Shirley Temple had dreams too as a little girl: