Otherworldly design by Sebastien Feraut

Do you know the graphics that make you wonder if you are tripping on some kind of drug when you see them? Yes? No? Well, just take a look at the work of graphic designer and illustrator Sebastien Feraut from Paris, France.

Mountain's keeper

Cosmic Demon

His art looks like he has been making them on acid or something. The illustrations are made from quite simple shapes, yet it all combines in an image that seems to trigger your senses. If you take your time to look at his work, you always seem to see new things.

More of his work.

Skull Beast


His work always seems to involve faces and otherworldly creatures, showing all kinds of emotions. All of his work kind of shares the same style, but all of it is equally awesome.

Cosmo Cat


We  find that this talented young designer should be put in the spotlights, damn respect for you Sebastien, keep up the good work!

You can find Sebastien Feraut on his website here.