Origin of the Beginning starts here

Ok, this title sound a tat confusing, the work of Dutch visual artist Levi van Veluw however, is just amazing. His latest work Origin of the Beginning is inspired by different aspects of van Veluw’s boyhood bedroom, where he spent many solitary hours.

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Van Veluw has created 3 “rooms” covered with more then 30.000 wooden blocks, balls and slats respectively. Each “room” is executed as a life-size installation (4m x 2.5m x 2.5m) and will be presented at the gallery together with photographs and videos.

Portrayed in one piece is a desk, a table lamp, a bookcase. The edge of the table is burned by Levi van Veluw as he had an obsession for fire.

All of these objects including every inch of the floor, walls and ceiling is covered in the same material: 14.000 16 cm2 dark brown wooden blocks. The blocks are made by the artist and glued on the wall one by one. The works suggest a narrative world behind the abstract portraits.

We are just blown away by the beauty and intensity of this work. You can almost feel, smell and touch the textures. The story of a boy, sitting there, experiencing life is scary, sweet and promising at the same time.