Nonsensical Spam by Rachel Lewis for DYRMDaily

Here at DYRMDaily headquarters we get a lot of spam. We took the weirdest one and had it turned into a thing of beauty.

Illustrator Rachel Lewis started The Nonsensical Spam Comments Project and we teamed up with her. As she explains:”It’s an ongoing thing; whenever I get a good comment that makes me smile or a bit confused, I’ll illustrate it.”

We provided her with a few nice ones we got recently in the spam box of DYRM Daily:
– “Great news, everyone! Today all of us devil-may-care needs for some watering-hole of mend and harmony. Completele the one is – this site.”
– “hi do you like car rims?”
– “When you are in a not good position and have got no cash to go out from that, you would need to receive the loan. Because it would help you for sure. I get commercial loan every time I need and feel good just because of that.”

She illustrated one of them strange spam comments, and this is the great result.

Lewis: “I wanted to convey the misdirected/random nature of the question; I thought it would be interesting to have the juxtaposition between the astronaut and the victorian alien men, sort of adds another level to the question.”

And here are some older ones, from her own weirdest spam comments.

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