New DYRM Daily design, fresh features!

We started DYRM Daily in 2008 with an idea, to publish a website that would focus on the beauty in life, instead of bringing more filth and dirt to the table. No we reached a new milestone.

We think, as a lifestyle blog you need to reinvent yourself every now and then. So that is why we gave you this new design and some new features.

We like to think it is more open now and we want to involve you in the proces of publishing. You can submit your ideas very easily by using the contact form on the right sidebar. So please: use it! Because if we love it, we will post it!

We also upgraded the design, went for ome fresh colors and gave the logo a twist. We hope you like it, which you can express by giving your vote to the poll below[polldaddy poll=3909445].

Last but certainly not least, we are about to launch the DYRM webshop. In this shop we will only sell stuff, we would or did buy ourselves…

Speaking of reinventions, we like to leave you with this beautiful video morph on the great movie actors during the last 100 years or so:
Keep you posted!

Matt – editor in chief DoYouReadMe Daily

(via: Philip Scott Johnson)

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