10 Miniature Landscape Photographs On A Woman’s Body (NSFW)

Unique landscapes produced by photographing toys & miniatures on the human body. Each is a single shot, on traditional film. The result is sometimes subtle, sometimes humorous, but never sexist or pr0n!

Photographer Allan Teger is the man who’s responsible for all this functional nudity, we love it.

Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-0 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-feat Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-9 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-7 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-6 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-5 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-4 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-3 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-2 Allan-Teger-bodyscape-photography-1Want to see more, or buy a copy? Visit the website of Allan Teger.