Melomind: The Headset That Helps You To Relax

Stressed out and trying to get rid of it? Then this invention by myBrain is perfect for you!

Everyone has to deal with stress once in a while and the effects can cause serious health issues. While some people may rely on more traditional methods like yoga and meditation to relieve the stress, now there is another, more modern solution. A French company called myBrain Technologies invented a headset that helps you to relax: the Melomind.

The Melomind headset

So what’s the deal with the Melomind? As you can see in the picture it’s an odd looking headset, but looks can be deceiving. You place it on top of your head, put in your earphones (connected to your phone) and browse through the Melomind-app to find some provided relaxing music. See the little metal dots? These electrodes measure the electrical activity in your brain and show it to you on your screen, in the form of a graph. Without getting too sciency, thanks to the headset you can see how relaxed you are and how you can get more relaxed by putting on the music.Screenshot of the Melomind from the video made by The VergeMelomind-Facebook-Photo-by-myBrain

The Melomind headset was launched at the International CES in Las Vegas – one of the biggest technology and gadget conventions in the world – last january. It is already available to pre-order, but like every new, fancy tech gadget this one is quite expensive too. You can own one for the price of $299, but while you’re saving for that remember: meditation is free.

Photos by The Verge, Alex Washburn/Wired and myBrain