Matthew Cusick, Putting Art On The Map

Matthew Cusick literally put himself on the map with his “paintings”. Using old pieces of maps, altases,encyclopedias and school textbooks he makes some damn impressive collages. Born in 1970 in New york City, Matt now operates from Dallas, Texas.

Some damn fine roads

Cusick likes to catalog, archive and arrange information and then dismantle, manipulate and reconfigure it, using it as a surrogate for paint. Each of his “paintings” is actually a collection of places and times sown together in a sublime network of art. This is what makes his work so unique.

Nice owl you've got there.

A portrait he's done.

His work is a combination of roads, waves, animals and portraits that somehow seem to blend perfectly with the map structure. You could say he puts the entire world into his collages.

One fine stallion.

So if you have any old maps, encyclopedias or basically any other old junk with lines and paper lying around and you’re feeling creative, you know what to do!

You can find his website here, be sure to check him out.