Lucas Levitan takes over Instagram Photos with cartoons

If you regularly post on Instagram, you might see one of your pictures pop up on Lucas Levitan’s Instagram page. But, you can be sure it will look a little bit different…


Your brain might be pulled out of your ear. Or that picture of the tattoo with the roses on your back? Well, you don’t have to worry about them dying; they are being watered by a gardener. The London based artist Lucas Levitan, mostly known for his illustrations, shows us his world of editable reality. By adding witty and hilarious drawings to our everyday pictures.



The project, that started ten months ago, is called ‘Photo Invasion’ and has already garnered attention from all over the world. As Lucas puts it: he likes to steal pictures from friends and people on Instagram. By stealing he means he never asks for permission, but makes sure he links the photographer when the photo is done. Once he finds the right picture he adds his creative touch to it. Changing the way the picture is perceived.


That creative touch can be really anything: from a cartoon of a naked lady lying in the middle of a street that reads ‘dangerous’, to a mother that closes her son’s eyes when they see a pair that’s kissing.


Part of Levitan’s magic is the use of humor combined with social behavior we all recognize. By introducing the cartoons, he adds a whole different meaning to a picture. Some of the cartoons are flat out funny, and some have a hidden message.


The illustrator tries keeping it light, but sometimes slips a serious tone into his work.


Whatever he does, he will try to get that little smile on your face, making you aware that you are watching someone exposing his deepest imagination and creativity.


Would you like to see more from this creative artist? Visit his page: