Light Up Your Ears With Laser Light HeadPhones

Are you feeling futuristic? These new earphones are the world’s smartest earplugs, with a built-in laser light that pulsates to the rhythm of your music.



Meet Glow, a set of laser light pulsating earphones. The cords of the earphones are filled with glass fiber, a special type of optic fiber with the ability to diffuse light. The material is made by American company ‘Corning’. The great thing about this light is that it isn’t a static light. It actually pulsates to the beat of the song you’re listening to, or to the beat of your heart. The earphones measure your heart rate through your ears. And that’s a big development, especially when you consider that a little heart rate monitor costs hundreds of dollars or euros. And it definitely won’t look as pretty as these beauties.



But Glow comes with more awesomeness. The remote lets you control more than just the volume.




Media Apps: Dedicated buttons for all your music controls (Volume, track, play/pause) that are fully compatible with popular apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and more. (Android or iOS*)

Phone Calls: Answer or hang up calls by pressing the center button.

Google: Using the 5-way controller and a single button press you can activate “Google Now” and control your smartphone with your voice.

Camera: Snap a picture with your phone remotely using the controller wirelessly.

Texts: Listen and respond to texts or messenger requests on your smartphone using Glow’s 5-way controller.




The man behind the glowing earplugs is Zi Wang, who is an employee at Google in daily life. With a donation of $149 (about €141,-) you get your own set of in July. The earplugs are already a huge hit on Kickstarter: over 5000 people have purchased them before you. But, don’t worry, that’s still nothing in comparison to all the people that bought those white earphones from Apple!




The idea of illuminated earphones emerged a couple of years ago. And besides beautiful, they also may contribute to a happy life in a whole other way… A study from Finnish scientists has shown that light therapy though the ears can be very effective against depressions.



People who suffer from winter blues are often prescribed light therapy. But not only people with winter blues, but also people with stress, migraine or a jetlag could benefit from the ‘wonder ears’.



You can charge the earphones with your computer and once charged, they give up to eight hours of healing light. You can choose between red, blue and green light.

Convinced? You can order the earphones here.