Interview Mathew Jonson by Thomas Laurén

In our brand new series of interviews done by Dutch house producer Thomas Laurén, we proudly present: Mathew Jonson.

I still remember the moment i first listened to ‘When Love Feels Like Crying’. I didn’t get it. I felt dissapointed in Wagon Repair, in Mathew Jonson, in House Music. Two months later i found myself in a situation were i was in a completely different mindstate. I put on his track to listen to it again. To figure out what it was that didn’t catch me.

*Twilight zone.*

I gained insight after the second time i listened to it. And from that moment on, ‘WLFLC’ got stuck in my player. Please listen to it, and if you love electronic music but you don’t get it, wait a while and listen to it again and again. Until you get it.
Because in the end, we are all one.
For you.

Thomas: What is your favorite part of the day?
Mathew: Early mornings in bed with my girlfriend. 

T: When was your most bizarre moment of inspiration and what were you doing on that time?
M: I was working on a pirate ship with a friend of mine sailing up the English Channel on the way to the mouth of the Seine River.  The captain of the ship refused to give the crew anything to eat but bird seed.  I refused of course as there was obviously something going on that was a bit out of the normal daily routine.  Slowly day by day the crew started to grow feathers and change into Ostriches.  I hid in the cellar and survived drinking the captains Merlot.  One day I found my chance to escape.  I would jump ship and swim to the shore and escape into the underground of Paris.  My plan was not to be though as while sleeping off and nasty hangover the captain barged into the celler to find me passed out in the corner.  He tied me and my friend and put us in his rowboat.  We rowed into the heart of Paris and he bid us farewell.  He said he must return to his Ostrich stew.  

T: What is more important to you: the process of creating, or the moment of sharing your creation with the people who love it?
M: Creating is the best part.  The energy that comes in the moment of conception is like no other.  

T: How did ‘When Love Feels Like Crying’ commenced?
M: I didnt have a studio in Berlin at the time so actually had all my gear set up on moving boxes in my bedroom.  My flatmate was sleeping before going to play a show at the Laboratory for the fetish party they throw every year so in a way I was making music that I thought would be easy to sleep too.  The original line came from a melody that popped into my head when I was working on a different almost metal track.  I played it again except this time really soft and it worked out well I think.  

T: What did you feel on the moment you just finished ‘When Love Feels Like Crying’?
M: Oh shit my flatmate has to go play Snacks club for the next 5 hours!  Man I sure am happy I get to stay and work in the studio.  

T: What did you feel on the moment you first played it to a crowd?

M: It trips me out everytime I play that track….. there is something in the frequency of the music that doesn’t happen so often when I write over the last years.  And it actually makes some people cry which makes it even more strange of an experience for me.  

T: When, in your opinion, is house music Art, and when does it become commercial?
M: Its art when it is new and captures a real emotion I think.  When its just funky beats its more on the commercial side I guess.  

T: Would you describe your music as art?
M: Sometimes it feels more like that.  But other times Im just making fun music to dance too.  

T: Wagon Repair is your label. Where does this name come from? Why do you think this label has the right to exist?
M: The name comes from a saying that was used to describe the feeling of listening to Marionette.  “that will fix your wagon”  The label exists as a medium of expression for underground artists with open minded ideas. We sign artists that are pushing the boundaries of expression. 

T: What can we expect from you in the nearby future?
M: Tracks and live shows from Midnight Operator.  2 new eps of me and also some new Cobblestone Jazz and MDLQ. 

We like to thank Mathew Jonson for taking time to answer to Thomas Laurén’s questions. And of course Thomas Laurén himself.
For more information and or music, visit Jonsons MySpace profile or visit the website of Wagon Repair.

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