If it was your home – BP disaster

Today on DYRM it is all about the oil spil distaster in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by broken material of oil driller BP. We will start with this scary visualisation of the spill. You can check out what it would look like of it happened next door…

Because it is a bloody shame that BP just seems to get away with saying “Well you wanted cheap oil…”.
The great people of If It Was My Home came up with this simple app that lets you ‘move’ the spill on a map of the world. Check out some examples…

The entire Bahamas would be covered…

The Soccer World Cup in South Africa would be gone.

It would fully cover The Netherlands

London, New York and Paris are easily covered with this black ‘gold’…

Want to do something?

First, share this map with your friends so they can understand the impact as well. Next, write to your Representatives and Senators and share your feelings about this disaster.

The EPA is soliciting ideas for possible technology solutions to aid in the oil spill response efforts. Submit your idea. You can also visit the clever inventors over at GulfClean.org and help them build their crowdsourced technology for oil cleanup.

Lousiana and Florida are both looking for volunteers to help in cleanup and prevention. If you have a boat and live or work on the gulf coast, you can participate in the Vessels of Opportunity program.

The National Wildlife Foundation and International Bird Rescue are accepting donations for coastal relief.