Get Around, hire a car from your neighbors!

Great -green- concept is this next P2P car rental website called Get Around, born in the US.

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“Car owners invest huge amounts of time and money into an asset they barely use. Cars are driven only 8% of the time, while potential drivers walk past block after block of underutilized cars. We are here to connect the dots… to help people get around.”

Getaround specializes in providing a seamless, peer-to-peer carsharing experience by using smartphone technology to empower people everywhere to share vehicles and utilize smarter transportation options. Users can conveniently rent cars from people nearby by the hour, day, or week and save hundreds of dollars on car payments, auto insurance, and maintenance.

Car owners, while making a positive impact on the environment, can make money by renting out their cars to help offset the high costs of car ownership. By building a community founded on trust.

Check out the GetAround website for more information.