Hi5 interview with urban artist Phlegm

It is time for a new Hi5, our 5-item questionnaire. We like to ask the people we write about what inspires them. This week paint maestro Phlegm is up.

We did write a few articles on the man before, and wanted to know what gets him going. Enjoy!

1. DYRMDaily: Who or what is responsible for you being the creative person you are?
Phlegm: A meteor hit me and ever sinse i’ve had strange art powers… That or the fact that i went to a school that just let us mess around all day (the school closed down the year i left).

2. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever witnessed?

Phlegm: Double rainbow.

3. If you could pick any place, anywhere, where would you like to wake up tomorrow and why?
Sat on top of Mt Olympus on Mars. When i go back to sleep i get to come home, right? That could change my answer if i had to stay…

If we say SOUND then you say: …? As a pound.
If we say IMAGE then you say: …? Rotate, resize.
If we say TOUCH then you say: …? At least promise me a puppy.
If we say SMELL then you say: …? My fridge
If we say LOVE then you say: …? My girlfriend

5. If you could change 1 thing in your life, or in this world, what would you change and why?
I’d like to make sleeping and eating just things you occasionally do for fun. I’d like to sit down and eat all day, but only once a month like a big snake. Same with sleeping, i hate having to go to bed all the time when i’ve got things i want to do. You should be able to curl up with your spouse and sleep like dormice for weeks when the weathers bad.

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