Hi5 with photographer Martin Stranka

Today we start with a brand new item on DYRMDaily: the ‘Hi5’. Which is a 5 issue questionnaire to find out what the people we write about on this website are inspired by.

We kick off with Martin Stranka, talented photograper on who we wrote an article earlier.

1. DYRMDAILY: Who or what is responsible for you being the creative person you are?

MARTINSTRANKA: I would be happy, if I knew that as well. Our family was not used to be creative in that way. My father played the piano, but no one was interested in other arts like painting, drawing or photography at all.
I lost someone really close to my heart and soul as I already said in a previous interview. This happened roughly 4 and a half years ago – the same time when I started taking photos. This could cause my need to express myself in art. Who knows, this could have been something that started it of. But my daily usual things are my biggest catalyst. Things like the smell of autumn – damn, one of the strongest memories and feelings. Thats why I love leaves so much and involve them into my art. There are lots of things, moments and dreams that push me into creativity.

2. DYRMDAILY: What is the most beautiful thing you have ever witnessed?

MARTINSTRANKA: Wow. I have to say, it is one of the most beautiful questions I have ever had in all those interviews. Really. And I have to say, one of the most difficult one. I have not been a witness anywhere where someone has changed the world or anything memorable like that. But I can say I am a witness of daily moments that make me so happy inside of me. Probabbly it is quite melancholic, poetic or even pathetic, but I remember those moments during last autumun. I sat under a tree in a park, I felt how the autumn smelled, a weak wind was blowing and was playing with all those falling leaves. I was just waiting for the background music to start – like in a movie. The last rays of sun were trying to warm my face and I knew, I was there. Living and breathing there. It was one of the most evocative moments. I work and live for sun, autumn and leaves I guess.

3. DYRMDAILY: If you could pick any place, anywhere, where would you like to wake up tomorrow and why?

MARTINSTRANKA: I would love to wake up in Iceland. In a small cottage near the shore. I have been taking photos for roughly 5 years and I always have been influenced by Sigur Rós. The Icelandic band with a singer Jónsi. I fell in love with their music so much. They are inlfuenced by its surrounding nature, animals, sounds. I will go there in October this year. I am so excited. My little dream comes true.

If we say SOUND then you say: …? SILENCE
If we say IMAGE then you say: …? SQUARE
If we say TOUCH then you say: …? BODY
If we say SMELL then you say: …? AUTUMN
If we say LOVE then you say: …? WHERE IS LOVE?

5. DYRMDAILY: If you could change 1 thing in your life, or in this world, what would you change and why?

MARTINSTRANKA: My answer would be really simple. Nothing. I would not change anything. I dont believe in coincidences. I believe in destiny. So I always think that all things happen like they should do. We all have some kind of life line there and we should not want to change it. We should behave like we would not want to change it later. Although I would be happy if I could meet some people I already lost, but that is life. It happend for some reason. So, I would not change anything.

Next up will be Andrew Collberg.

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