Hi5 with French artist Françoise Nielly

It is time for a new Hi5, our 5-item questionnaire. We like to ask the people we write about what inspires them. This week painter of the string sensual images Françoise Nielly.

We did write an articles on the Nielly before, and wanted to know what inspires her. Enjoy!

1. DYRMDaily: Who or what is responsible for you being the creative person you are?
Françoise Nielly: My dad was very important in my process of becoming an artist
He was a talented architect, and has been in a way a model for me in my growing up, even though he was not supportive the way i would have liked.

2. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever witnessed?
Françoise Nielly: A man who loves me.

3. If you could pick any place, anywhere, where would you like to wake up tomorrow and why?
Françoise Nielly:
With no hesitation, i would choose to wake up in one of the « Coolhunter houses », i mean displayed on their website. There is one standing up on a Brazilian beach that is to me the dreamed house : contemporary architecture,top design, intelligent conception, room enough for my studio, facing the seashore… what else could i want?

If we say SOUND then you say: …? A roaring moped with broken muffler , a plane taking off, rap music, a night train, violent wind, Antalya’s mosque, Chopin out loud in my studio, laughters…
If we say IMAGE then you say: …? Reservoir Dogs and it’s unbearable images of violence. Documentary about Sebastopol in Ukraine, Landing in Vancouver, Shanghai by night, Ivory Coast in Africa.
If we say TOUCH then you say: …? Water, fur, sand, ground of a country i like.
If we say SMELL then you say: …? Morning french croissants , the smell of Africa, the smell of the man i love.
If we say LOVE then you say: …? I don’t say

5. If you could change 1 thing in your life, or in this world, what would you change and why?
Françoise Nielly:
I would end up loneliness, because human beings are not designed for that…

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