Guerrilla gardening in the streets of Amsterdam

We are from a generation that barely knows where its dinner comes from. It’s all prefab meals, industrially processed poultry and factory formatted fruits. Guerrilla gardening is the counter trend.

And in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Maina Van der Zwan decided to build his own city Guerrilla Garden. He came up with the idea this spring and did not waist a second. As he explaines:

“The idea behind it is to reconnect a providing earth to our daily lives. It’s about reclaiming city space for growing vegetables and flowers. And once you’ve had a taste of it you will look differently at the urban landscape. All the wasted space, the excess concrete, the undeveloped roadsides, the empty balconies and rooftops: all crying out for -agri- cultivation. As a beginning urban farmer I’ve confiscated a piece of pavement in front of my apartment block, just a 5 by 1 meter plot to start out with. I’ve grown spinach, red beets, rocket salad, podded pees and all kinds of herbs. Any passerby can take what they desire and my neighbors love it. Next spring will hopefully bring some expansion, with maize, pumpkin and broad beans. It won’t change the world and it’s certainly no challenge to capitalist industrial agriculture, but it does bring smiles to faces and perhaps plant little seeds in people’s mind that another world is at least possible.”

And all the above is why we love this project. So get out your gardening gear and start your own! Check out these pictures to see how it all started:

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