Grooming your dog to look like a panda?

Only in China some might say. But with our post on grooming poodles, it looks like weird people are a world wide issue…

These cute dogs (Chow Chows), spotted in China, did get a make over they won’t forget. And is it sad, to do this to your dog? We think it is kinda, but the trend also demonstrates how quickly and dramatically attitudes toward pets — particularly dogs — have changed in many parts of Asia. In a good way that is… In Taiwan, for example, just 10 years ago, dogs were still eaten in public restaurants and raised on farms for that purpose. Traditional Chinese medicine held that so-called “fragrant meat” from dogs could fortify one’s health. Now, eating dog is viewed by many as an embarrassing reminder of a poorer time.

Take a look and tell us: love it or hate it?

(Tip: Burked and source: GlobalPost)