Great series of fresh shades by TRIWA

We are a fan of the watches TRIWA produces for a number of years now. But now they decided it was time to bring it. And here you go: a brand spanking new line of sunglasses.

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Make room for the Homies, Hobos and Hangovers. Shades with such names make you wonder: will it be any good? Well, we can tell you: yes they are!

TRIWA succeeded in making more or less timeless shades, that will look good on women or men.
We specially love the Homies glasses, being classy but fresh at the same time.

Need one?
In the end, there is always going to be sunshine, so you better be looking good, catching your -first- tann… They will cost you €99/$145.

This is the webshop you would want to go to: TRIWA Shades Shop.

Check out the collection:[nggallery id=13]