Google knows who you are with Pittpatt!

Did you ever meet that nice girl at a party, took a picture with her and completely forgot her name? Google has recently aquired Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition or pittpatt for short. When you thought all your privacy was gone because of the immense growth of Facebook, Pittpatt takes it to a whole new level. If you upload a picture online, Google will be able to see who they are and, if they have Facebook, where they live/go to school/work etcetera.

Is this really what we want? We find it scaring that the anonymity that we once had on the internet, that freedom, is going to fade away. They have been working on this technique since the ’90’s and pittpatt was launched in 2004.

If you realise that google also owns Picasa, Youtube and of course google maps, people will even be able to find you via  youtube and track down where you are. In this way the internet and the real world will be linked more and more. Is  that really what we want, or is it not so bad?



Luckily pittpatt also offers some awesome features like a face recognition screen unlock. The front camera of you phone , if you have one , will make a picture of you face instead of your regular pincode or ‘slide to unlock’. This insures maximum safety.



So what do you think of Google’s pittpatt? An awesome new feature or something dangerous?