Free advice and coffee by Simon Hoegsberg

Free spirit from Denmark, Simon Hoegsberg, came up with a rather awesome idea: free advice and coffee. For everybody.

Well, for everybody who passed his little stand in the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark.

And the results were good, as Simon explains:

“About 50 people contacted me during that week, and the talks I had with them lasted from ten minutes to one and a half hours, if you leave out the black woman who quickly stopped and asked me the question: Should I marry him or not? and who disappeared again, laughing, without waiting for an answer.”

He stayed handing out advice for a full week, 5 hours a day.

“The issues that people came to me for guidance on were primarily existential issues. I think my life is off course, what should I do? That type of question.

” Check out more of this inspiring project, go to Simon Hoegsberg’s website.

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