A Bicycle The Size Of An Umbrella

You no longer have to drag your bicycle with you everywhere you go. With this design, you can fold it away easily and sling it over your shoulder and look the part.

Imagine this: a bicycle that you can hold in one hand or one that fits in your backpack. Seems impossible, right? Think again, because there is a bike that: if you fold it in, is the size of an umbrella. Italian designer Gianluca Sada totally renewed the concept of the foldable bike and, by trimming it down, invented this:


Usually foldable bikes have either a small frame and large wheels or a large frame and small wheels. These features make it rather difficult to transport them, even though they are easier to take with you than normal bicycles.


It is the frame that folds away so quickly and that makes it so easy to transport this ‘contraption’. The wheels aren’t included though, but Sada found a way to deal with that as well. All the parts will fit in one backpack.

The transportation issues are clearly solved, but there are still questions about its performance. As you can see, where all other bikes rely on spokes, Sada’s design has none. The designer, however, shows in the video that his creation does work quite well actually.


As the foldable bicycle is still a prototype, we are not able to buy one. Yet. But when the time comes, this design would be perfect for every daily commuter who relies on public transport.


Photos by Gianluca Sada