Starbucks Sleeve

5x Disney Figures on Sleeves From Starbucks

Most people throw them away, but one man recycles them in a very special way. On every Starbucks sleeve he finds he creates some really cool pop art.

Prinses Zeldastarbucks art 2

The drawings are a new way to make your favorite drinks from Starbucks even cooler. And every time again this artist finds a new way to transform the company’s iconic green mermaid into characters from Harry Potter, Disney movies and TV shows.

Unfortunately, the man behind the drawings choose to live in anonymity. Meanwhile he’s doodling on your favourite caffeinated mermaid since 2014.

Elsa (Frozen)

starbucks art 3

We think it’s pretty incredible how some simple additions can change the original image so completely. And more people do, as this artist has thousands of followers on social media.


Starbucks Sleeve


Spock (Star Trek)

starbucks art

You can find the doodles with the hashtag #sleevebucks on Tumblr and Instagram. And we can tell you, you’ll never look at your coffee in the same boring way again. So remember, all your Starbucks sleeves are potential pieces of art.

Maleficentstarbucks art 4