FAILE Portugal: urban art project of the year

Sometimes there are these art projects that will just blow your socks right of. The FAILE project in Portugal is one of them. Take a deep breath and just gaze and admire.

The project is commissioned by the Portugal Arte ’10 and they explain the importance:

“The concept of freedom will be explored as a singular, unifying vision throughout PortugalArte10. This is of particular importance in Portugal, as it has only been within the last forty years that the country was able to release itself from dictatorship in a brave and bloodless revolution. This development in the country’s recent history has enabled Portugal to renew the spirit that drove the Portuguese to discover the New World. A massive undertaking and one of the largest public art projects in the world will be presented to express this notion. The world-renowned street art collective Faile will present the Temple Project, a giant sculptural installation in the heart of the city of Lisbon. Faile are known worldwide for their ambitious public projects that have been mounted in such cities as New York, Shanghai, and London. Using the physical street as a canvas for expressing their ideas, Faile is part of a global movement that has been embraced by audiences for its popular approach to artistic and creative expression.”

And now it is time for the images…

The making off:

The location

Inside the Temple

(Check out more pictures at Stick2target)

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