One of Expanded Eye's murals in London

Expanded Eye’s Surrealist Art

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, but some people take it to a whole new level. Meet the artists of Expanded Eye.

Of course every tattoo is a piece of art on its own, but the creative duo Expanded Eye takes the art of designing tattoos a whole step further. Inspired by life, the universe and everything else, Jade Tomlinson and Kev James, the two people who founded Expanded Eye, add their own surrealist and Cubist touch to the stories of their customers.

Based in London, they specialize in creating custom tattoos in their own style, while still trying to keep as much personal details given by their customers. Their advice is to ‘’not overly concern yourself with the aesthetics but to rather focus on what you want your tattoo to represent.’’



The art of tattooing is not the only thing these guys have mastered over the years. Exhibitions made by Tomlinson and James consist of various paintings, illustrations and wooden sculptures that perfectly fit within the same style as the tattoos that they create.

When you walk through London, chances are that you will encounter some of their work in the form of inspiring words at random places. Next to working on their own vintage store, they have art for sale too. Even though it comes with a price tag, it’s definitely worth paying for.


They certainly have caught our attention, how about yours? Go check them out at their website,, or take a look at their Facebook page.

Photos by Expanded Eye