Exclusive: VAPOUR, debut album Patrice Bäumel

We got him! The talented mister Patrice Bäumel (dj/producer, Amsterdam) is releasing his debut album VAPOUR today. And we get to stream it exclusively…

VAPOUR is the debut album of producer and Trouw resident dj Patrice Bäumel, known for previous releases on Get Physical, Trapez, or !K7. It is the first release on Trouw, the label of Amsterdam’s famous and identically named club.

We got to listen to it the other day and we are excited. It is said to be a techno album, but we think that it is way more than just that.

Picture yourself walking through an old city in the midst of winter, but you are warm and feeling the silence of the fresh snow falling, crackling underneath your feet. You are at peace. Got that? Good. Now put on your headphones and start listening!

Album mix VAPOUR by Patrice Bäumel
[audio:Vapour Album Mixed Exclusive DYRMDaily.mp3]

Bäumel explaines: “I want this record to stimulate the listener’s imagination and leave room for him or her to fill in the blanks. Transparent, intangible, constantly moving. Hence the album title.”

We think he managed and then some, especially loving the track The Teaser, and give him full support! And we are not alone:

DJ Sasha:
“Amazing album. Full support. Love ‘Birth’ and also ‘Mito’.

Laurent Garnier:
“Love this a lot. Plenty of great tracks in there.”

Marc Romboy:
”Definitely one of my top 3 albums 2010!!! 5/5″

“Full support from my side, especially to ‘Vapour’ and ‘Lovers’,  
boths are great tracks that i keep playing those past few months.”

Want to buy the album or see the tracklist? Go to Beatport and purchase VAPOUR.

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