Exclusive interview with DJ Koze by Thomas Laurén

Today is a great day: we like to present you our first cooperation with dj and producer Thomas Laurén. He talked to one of DYRM Daily’s favorite producers DJ Koze, in what is the only interview with this German music wonder in the year 2010.

Life, inspired by questions, is a life worth living.

In search of the borders between Art and Commercial work, i stumbled upon music by a man who calls himself DJ Koze. The name of the track i stumbled upon, that inspired me to do this interview and made me question even more, is called ‘Blume der Nacht’. If you don’t know the track, i suggest you check it out:

It’s a piece that catches your attention, a piece that can only be heard by some. Although the track is ‘old’ in terms of internet-time, it has always existed in terms of the universe -what are 7 months in timeless space?.
I think this piece of art deserves more attention and, luckily, so does DoYouReadMe Daily.
Driven by the questions, i contacted him. And i’d like to share the results of this conversation.

So, for you.

Thomas: What is your favorite part of the day?
Koze: The Night cause it’s silent.

T: When was your most bizarre moment of inspiration and what were you doing on that time?
K: I’m nearly always inspired, except when i’m not.

T: What is more important to you: the process of creating, or the moment of sharing your creation with the people who love it?
K: I think it’s most important to create. This is pure beauty when some magic visits you, you never know.
But of course all artists are very keen on response and feedback. It’s not very healthy if your work get lost in a black hole.

T: How did ‘Blume der Nacht’ commenced?
K: It was done in a dark night in cadaqués where i live for half the year laying in my bed with a botella de vino Tinto. I don’t know too much about this night anymore. A higher power from above made this music through my body to spread it’s sound to planet Earth.

T: What did you feel on the moment you just finished ‘Blume der Nacht’?
K: A second of enlightenment.

T: What did you feel on the moment you first played it to a crowd?
K: Stress.

T: When, in your opinion, is house music Art, and when does it become commercial?
K: For me Housemusic is art if it´s not done by a formular, i´m bored of.. If it´s not comprehensible for me how it´s done. If it´s free and touches my heart. If it leaves borders behind…

T: Would you describe your music as art?
K: Yes.

T: Pampa Records is a record label you run together with Marcus Fink. Why do you think Pampa Record has the right to exist?
K: See my answer above….

T: What can we expect from you in the nearby future?
K: Good music and attitude.

According to rumors in the streets, DJ Koze is working on a couple of remixes for names like Caribou, dOP, Efdemin & Gonzales. Also another special project is to be released on Pampa Records. Something with Koze & Nathan Fake…

Another tip by Koze to end it with:

Interview by : Thomas Laurén
Thanks to DJ Koze, Annabelle from Pampa Records and of course Matt from DYRMdaily.

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