DYRMDaily exclusive: DJ set by Thomas Laurén

It is not the first time we @DYRMDaily talk about Thomas Laurén, a great Dutch dance producer and big talent. And to the looks of it, it will not be the last. Check out the exclusive mix he did for you guys, our dear readers.

Citing influences from Jeff Buckley to Frank Sinatra, Klaus Schultz to Jeff Mills, Philip Glass to Boards of Canada and Queen to Imogen Heap, Laurén grew to be a diverse producer. Often it’s not so much the groove that takes the lead in his music but the honest and romantic atmosphere that makes the sound of Thomas unique and graciously.

For a small period of time, Thomas lived in Berlin to get inspired on a new level, and it paid off. He produced an album and made his first clip with the track ‘While my Closet is Burning’ which we picked up earlier this year.
The versatile releases and album shows that Thomas continues to evolve, being a headstrong producer, DJ and label owner.

So, enough with the talking, let’s do do some listening. Because we are proud to present a DYRMDaily exclusive mix Thomas made. So kick of them boots and get those speakers crackin’…!
Tracklist available here.

Thomas Lauren – DoYouReadMe Promo Mix – June 2010 by squz

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