Dutch band Novack debut album Sequences and Stills

We are all about providing you the goods. Well, today we would like to introduce to you Novack, a Dutch band, who just released their debut album Sequences & Stills.

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‘Novack makes subtle, layered songs, with references to and somewhere inbetween Elbow, The Notwist and Death Cab For Cutie’ as they say on their website. They grew out to a six-man band and recently signed with V2 Records.

Now for their debut album, Sequences and Stills; we like.

“There is a lot of room in the songs to feel lost, found, secured and alone all at the same time. We love Sober Times. To listen to the full record as a ‘story’, it might need a pinch of power now and then, but if you don’t want to be that person to go ‘Hmm, i didn’t know these guys’ when they grow big, you better just buy their album now!”

Check out this great stop motion the band made for the release of their album. All the different covers you will see -500 of them- are 1 of a kind and you can order them excluively on Novack’s website.

And check out the making of this beautiful stop motion project: