Download Thomas Laurén – Exhale Tempus for free

Dutch resident DJ and guest writer Thomas Lauréns debut album Exhale Tempus is finally out! Well, officially it is not, but we get to give it away for free on DYRMDaily!

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It can not be any surprise that we appreciate the mixture of beautiful melodies and hypnotizing beats Thomas Laurén produces; we follow this talent ever since another great Dutch producer, Nuno Dos Santos, gave us the heads up.

And as a token of his love for DYRMDaily, Laurén decided we can give away his album for free, just before the official release date. And we love him for making that happen.

By offering the album for free, Laurén hopes to create a fanbase/platform for the future as a producer and for his label Savoir Records.

Without further ado, we present to you Thomas Laurén – Exhale Tempus:

-> Click here to download the free debut album, Exhale Tempus, exclusive on <-.


1. Post Amor
2. Exhale Tempus
3. Love’s Acceptance
4. While My Closed Is Burning
5. Banelle
6. Space Invader
7. Perception
8. Forsaken Glory
9. Gentle Shift
10. Wake Up

Check out the website of Thomas Laurén.