Cool Street Art Inspired By Toasters

Since 1999,  mysterious images of toasters have started to appear in cities around the world. It is the work of three Brits, who call themselves The Toasters.

They have been popping up for more than fifteen years now: images of colorfully painted toasters. It started in the United Kingdom, but these days you can spot the now famous images in every major city in the world. The three people who put these images on random walls, call themselves The Toasters.

It all started in 1999, on New Year’s Day. As a New Year’s resolution, The Toasters wanted to spread the image of the kitchen appliance all over the world by using stickers, posters and stencils. And now, sixteen years later, The Toasters have left their distinctive mark in various countries, in its pure form as well as in abstract forms.



Why did the creators choose a toaster? No, not because they are obsessed with toast. They wanted to steer away from the usual tag or acronym used by every other graffiti crew and replace it with an image that is recognized throughout the world. The toaster won, because at house parties The Toasters would always hang out in the kitchen and discuss the future of the graffiti scene.


What started with a simple sticker in Wolverhampton has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. From a goal post at Sao Paolo’s Copacabana Beach to old industrial buildings in Turin (the picture above) and a fence in Eindhoven (the picture below), The Toasters certainly have been busy for the past sixteen years.


There’s even a movie about The Toasters called ”Everywhere”. For your convenience, you can watch it right here. It’s about 26 minutes long, but it definitely gives you a better image about these artists.

Photos by The Toasters