Contribute to new Johnny Cash music video

Are you a Johnny Cash fan and always wanted to make a music video? Well, then this is the unique opportunity for you.

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Yeah, you heard it, this is your chance to draw a frame in the ‘Ain’t no Grave’ music video, brought to you by The Johnny Cash Project, initiated by digital artist Aaron Koblin.

Through this interactive website, participants may draw their own portrait of Johnny Cash to be integrated into a collective whole. As people all over the world contribute, the project will continue to evolve and grow, one frame at a time.

Submit your drawing at The Johnny Cash Project website to become a part of the new music video for the song “Ain’t No Grave”. Strung together and relayed in sequence your art, paired with Johnny’s haunting song, will become a living, moving, and ever changing portrait of the legendary Man in Black.

Check out some ‘behind the scenes’ to get a better understanding of the concept.

And then check out the latest -still evolving- version of the music video here.
(via @frankleeman)

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