Childhood memories told in two pictures: Dear Photograph

Flipping through old family photos at his parents’ kitchen table, 22-year old Taylor Jones found a picture of his brother as a little boy, sitting on that same table. Jones lifted the picture to make it ‘fit’ in the same background and made a photo of it. After several other successful attempts, he came up with the idea to create the website

The website turned out to be a success immediately. In the next weeks, millions of people submitted their childhood pictures, captured in the same way Jones did. It turned out to be a beautiful way for people to tell remarkable, funny, and most of the time touching stories about their loved ones, childhood memories and dreams.

We selected some of the pictures, but we recommend you to visit and enjoy all of the remarkable and beautiful stories told through photos.


Also, the website sprung many initiatives that were alike, such as this cute video:

Want to see more? Visit Dear Photograph.