Chewing gum art – Ben Wilson

Yep, that is right. Chewed up, spit out chewing gum art. And we at DOYOUREADME?! think it should be a globally adopted work of art.

Ben Wilson intends to paint pictures, faces, animals, suns, name it and he will do it on pieces of discarded gum all the way from Barnet to the West End of London, UK.

This gum art trail is the first in a series of artist residencies funded by Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust where artists look at environmental issues use waste products and eco themes specific to the site to create new work.

Take a look at the video below to see Ben at work, which is an amazing experience, for he is not only a great artist, but a lovely man as well.

Ben Wilson’s work is to be found all over the internet, but the man himself does not have a website, for he ‘does not do online.’ according to his curator. Well then, we’ll just leave you in peace and enjoy your work, Ben!