BMW new Vidion ConnectedDrive concept roadster

BMW has released images of their new concept called the Vidion ConnectedDrive which takes information technology integration to another level.

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BMW has long been on the forefront of merging information technology in vehicles. Nearly to the point where you need a computer science degree to fully appreciate their iDrive on-board vehicle information system. One of the main features -amongst many others- is not only the fact that BMW tries to go for CO2-free mobility, but the fact that the driver gets an almost augmented reality view on the road ahead. The car displays a layer of information in the dashboard that will warn or inform the driver of events or dangers coming up. Want to know the lot of this concept car, go to BMW’s website.

We just really like the images, so go and feast your eyes…
[nggallery id=6]

(via PSFK)